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About Our Store

The Candle Wasters merchandise is finally here!!

Now you can own a Beatrice t-shirt, a LLLetterman Jacket, or a Puck t-shirt all of your very own. That’s merch from all 3 of our webseries - Nothing Much To Do, Lovely Little Losers, and Bright Summer Night.

Here are six quick facts about our pricing and items:

  1. Almost our whole process is ethical! Most of our clothing items from AS colour. They are then printed by local Wellington company Brazen Clothing. Sixth and lastly they are packaged and sent out by ourselves (that means Claris, Elsie, Minnie, and Sally are folding and labeling all your snazzy new clothes).

  2. We will have our store open for 1 month, in this time we have to sell at least 30 of each item or we will not be able to run merch again :( So if you’re keen - get in quick!!! Or if you want to see pictures of us crying sadly into mugs of tea don’t do a thing (we’d rather show you pics of us packing and crying happy tears!)

  3. After 1 month is up [31 August 2016] we will close our store to spend time packaging and sending out all the cool things people ordered. This means we can keep track of how it went and know if we can open up the store again. Your order will be shipped by the end of September 2016. EDIT: Hey @TheCandleWasters why is your store still open? - We are keeping the store open for a little bit longer (Till around the end of BSN), with limited stock. So get in quick to get that item you've been thinking about!

  4. Profits from every item you buy go towards funding future projects from The Candle Wasters, as well as providing us with some money so we can pay ourselves back for the unpaid work we did on NMTD and LLL.

  5. If all goes well (we sell at least 30 items of each product) we will open our store again!! Each time we open our store we would like to have different merch available (so let us know what you’d like to see from us!). Each time we open our store you will have a 1-month period in which to buy things. Miss out the first time? If enough people are keen we’ll bring an item back!

  6. Good things take time. This is a risky endeavour and it’s taken us two years to work out the logistics of it all. It’s really exciting to finally be here to provide you with the options of buying things related to our webseries and we hope you love them as much as we do.

Thank you, as ever, for watching and supporting some smol kiwi women trying to make a difference in the world.

We hope you’re all enjoying Bright Summer Night and can’t wait to bring you more episodes!